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Quest for Transparency - Thank you!

Hello everyone,

Quest for transparency is not just a blog—it’s a goal. A blog can only throw a spotlight on problems, but someone has to work to resolve those issues. Critique is just the start of the job. Then someone has to roll up their sleeves and do the hard work. And I am happy to say that hard work is being done.

While the accusations have been flying back and forth—and I certainly have hurled a few, one group of people is quietly being very productive and deserves a big thank you from me and the rest of the city. The Clerk/Treasurer (notice that is two jobs) and her small staff have been making the city more transparent. And I would be remiss if I did not point to all their accomplishments, achieved in a very short time.

In past blogs, I mentioned that ordinances were missing from the website. Most are now on the website for all to see. The resolutions also appeared on the website—all the way back to those passed in 2017! Prior to this summer they were nowhere to be found. And now we have Council and COW minutes also dating back to 2017. This is very, very helpful. Our government is coming out into the light as a result of hard work from the Clerk and her staff.

A few days ago I protested that the Council had not seen a budget. But at the Council meeting the Treasurer had already prepared copies of the draft budget and handed them out to every council member. Work is being done. Even shorthanded, the Treasurer is putting together all the information required for our budget. I was excited to see it. The Wisconsin statutes give the council full power over finances and budgets. And for us to see what is going on with city finances, this work by the Treasurer and her staff is crucial.

Transparency means shining light on jobs well done—not just the problems. And when it comes to the office of the Treasurer and Clerk, I only see steady, determined progress. And I hope that everyone who walks into City Hall will join me by thanking the women they see there for their important efforts. They are keeping this city running and moving forward. Transparency is becoming a reality because of them. Ladies, thank you all very much.

Thanks for listening,


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