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Quest for Transparency - Election Day

Hello everyone,

Election Day is here—Tuesday, April 4th. There are important elections on the ballot, and for some of you there are choices to make for City Council elections as well. Some Council races are unopposed, but others are not. I am not one to tell people how to vote, but I would like to explain some of the qualities that are very important when doing the job of a councilperson.

First and foremost, the Council does not run the city. The administrator and Mayor have that job. What we do is watch the finances. We pass ordinances and we review contracts and services over a certain amount of money, according to the city’s purchasing policy. And we also answer questions and consider requests from our constituents.

In order to perform this job well, there are traits your councilperson should have. A councilperson represents his or her district, so the first quality of a good candidate is to consider the voters. Another trait is honesty, combined with the work ethic to read all the documents, and to have the intelligence to understand all the issues.

Often social media in our small town demonstrates the old adage that a lie can make it halfway around the world before the truth gets its boots on. You would like to vote for a councilperson who can articulate the truth. The first step to achieve this is to actually know the truth. When you are voting tomorrow, consider whether the person you are voting for really understands the issues—and whether that person can be trusted to honestly convey the issues as well as their viewpoint.

The eight elected councilpersons are all over town—we are at the grocery store, the fitness center, the used bookstore and church to name a few places. I get asked questions all the time, and I know the others do as well. And of course you can always find us at the Council meetings. Vote for someone you trust to tell you what’s really going on. Vote for someone who is honest, hardworking and intelligent. Vote for someone who has the best interest of Kewaunee at heart and who respects the people of Kewaunee.

Thanks for listening,


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