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Quest for Transparency - Beautiful Kewaunee

Hello everyone,

Most of us reading this blog either live in Kewaunee or Kewaunee County. There are some as far away as Japan. For those who have never been to Kewaunee in October, and for those of us who just need to walk outside, I can say that there is no place more beautiful than Kewaunee on a sunny day in October.

I have visited Moscow during its brilliant cold winter and Kyoto in the spring with cherry blossoms. I have looked out onto vineyards draped over the hills on the Rhine, and have hiked through the Rockies. There are many beautiful places in the world, and Kewaunee, especially today, is one of them. The lake has patches of purple, teal and blue. Our maples are bright red, yellow and orange against puffy white clouds lazily floating in our large blue sky. From the Coho Motel or the Holy Rosary Hill, you can see our green and blue river winding through amber waves—just like the lyric in our national song.

And while nature is giving us all this color, from the deep reds of our fire bushes to the various blues that backdrop our historic lighthouse, our well-maintained lawns and historic architecture nestle congruently within the blaze of colorful leaves. Halloween decorations are everywhere, pumpkins, mums and scary things are all over the front yards and porches. Years from now our children will admit they were raised in a beautiful midwestern town that came right out of a Norman Rockwell painting.

Familiarity may lull us into a lack of appreciation. Don’t fall for it—take the dog for a walk. Get outside. The Packers have already won a tough game, putting everyone in a good mood and giving us extra time to enjoy this weekend. The day is so beautiful. And trust me, those people in New York City, LA and Chicago—with their mediocre football teams, travel many miles and spend lots of money to enjoy one weekend in the kind of scenery that is no further than our front lawns. This morning I hiked near the river with a good friend and my trusty dog. I have to say there is no better place to be today than in Kewaunee.

Thanks for listening, and enjoy the day!


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